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Griffen Bradds owner of CrossFit Rebuild


CrossFit Rebuild was born out of inspiration. I discovered CrossFit in 2017 and it is still a huge part of my life today. With a background in nursing, I’ve seen the importance of functional fitness first hand, and understand how it improves health & wellness, our ability to move and enjoy life, prevent injury & illness, and overall improve Quality of Life. The CrossFit methodology prides itself in preparing participants for the knowns and unknowns life will throw your way. On November 19th, 2021, the unknown came my way.

On that day, I was involved in a very serious accident. I was hit by a car while walking home. It was during my recovery I was able to retrace what happened and see very exact moments in that accident where my training in the gym very likely saved my life. It was also during recovery that I was able to connect specific Functional movements practiced in the gym and how those movements were ensuring I could still navigate this world while recovering from such a serious accident.

Going through this life event there was one thought I couldn’t escape. I needed to create an environment to teach others how they too can leverage Functional Fitness to improve Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life. It became important to me to show people a way to maintain an active lifestyle, be able to play & keep up with their kids/grandkids, be physically mobile enough to travel and/or enjoy everyday life events, and to train for this life in a supportive, fun community environment.

I’m very excited that you are checking out CrossFit Rebuild. We look forward to helping you on your life journey towards Health, Wellness, and improved Quality of Life.



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