CrossFit Health Book Club Book for August: Hard to Kill

By: CrossFit | August 11, 2022

Publisher’s Description

A lot of things can be bought in this world, but your health isn’t one of them. The only person who can achieve optimal health is one who is willing to put in the work. To make the most out of your one chance on Earth, you need to become a master of the five pillars of health:

Pillar 1: Nutrition
Pillar 2: Movement
Pillar 3: Sleep
Pillar 4: Mindset
Pillar 5: Environment

“Hard to Kill” will give you a roadmap that will help you to master those five pillars, making you physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. A mistake made more than once is a choice. Choose to be “Hard to Kill.”

About the Author

Author Jaime Seeman, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with a background in nutrition, exercise, and health science. She is a current fellow in integrative medicine and a board-certified ketogenic nutrition specialist. Dr. Seeman has a passion for fitness, preventative medicine, and ketogenic therapy, which has been transmitted from her own life into her medical practice.

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