EAT – July 21, 2022

Is your goal to simply have a lower number on the scale or is your goal to be healthier AND a lower body fat percentage?

You can lose weight with processed foods, it’s true. However, you just aren’t going to be able to eat very much of it because they can pack an enormous amount of calories into a small sesame seed bun.

Not the mention the crankiness that ensures because of the constant hunger. Sounds like a winning formula!? This idea of caloric and nutrient density is one of the reasons we emphasize real food so much.


You can eat MORE real food and lose weight because real foods have fewer calories per pound. Plus, not only will it keep you full and naturally help you eat appropriate amounts, but your health will improve because of the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) real food contains.

You get calories from processed foods and you get calories from whole foods. Because processed foods have way more calories per unit of space (density) you don’t get as much actual food if you want to equal the calories of whole foods. Not to mention, you miss out on the nutrient density that whole foods provide.

Keep it simple: Just Eat Real Food!

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