EAT – July 28, 2022

For most people, Sundays are the perfect time to catch up on the week and to plan ahead!

For true meal prep success, however, planning should start a few days earlier. Take a few moments this evening to analyze your week ahead and write out your grocery list for the weekend. Using a few moments now will save you time on Sunday and allow you to enjoy more moments with your friends and family.


1. Analyze the week ahead – What big events do you have this week that you need to be prepared for?

2. Plan your weekly meals – Use the recipe ideas from Instagram or online, make up your own, or a hybrid. Think about meals you can bulk cook or throw in the slow cooker.

3. Use the plan and go shopping – Get the foods you need for the week.

4. Prep vegetables and bulk cook – Turn on the oven, sharpen the knife and get to work preparing for the week and bulk cooking.

Things you can cook in advance include chilis, hard- boiled eggs, legume dishes, roasted vegetables, mason salad jars, potatoes, and stews.

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