How CrossFit Saved Griffen Bradds’ Life — The Story of CrossFit Rebuild

By CrossFit | October 6, 2022
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In this interview, Griffen Bradds meets with Mike Giardina to share the story of how CrossFit saved his life. Bradds is the owner of CrossFit Rebuild, a new affiliate in Encinitas, California. When working as a critical care nurse, Bradds noticed the patients he was treating had similar risk factors as himself. This was eye-opening, as he could see the dangerous path his health could take.

Bradds was set on making some changes. He started working through different types of workout programs but couldn’t find the one that made sense. None of them really felt like they were improving his health or his functionality. Then a colleague introduced him to CrossFit. Only a few minutes into his first class, Bradds knew CrossFit was exactly what he was looking for.

A few years later, Bradds and his wife were walking in their neighborhood when a driver took a turn too fast and struck them both with his car. Bradds’ wife was knocked unconscious, but Bradds could remember every moment of the accident as if it was playing in slow motion. As the scene unfolded, Bradds found the movements he practiced — and sometimes hated — in CrossFit played a crucial role in his ability to avoid a major catastrophe. Not only did CrossFit save his life, but it also allowed him to get back home to his kids faster than any of the medical team could have expected.

As Bradds lay in the hospital, he thought a lot about all CrossFit had given him and realized he had to give back. He wanted to create an affiliate focused on those who need CrossFit the most – those who are generally on the fence about joining because they don’t think it is for them.

“You’ve heard of couch to 5K,” Bradds says. “Well, we call it couch to CrossFit.

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