How Fast Can You Gain or Lose Fitness? (Part 2 of 2)

Fitness: No Work, No Reward

Here’s the truth about fitness: Use it or lose it. If you stop training, you can expect to slide backward. This doesn’t happen instantly, so don’t stress if you miss a workout or two. And a holiday once in a while won’t derail you completely.

In general, you can expect to start moving backward in about two to four weeks without activity. If you’re inactive for longer periods, such as two to six months, your fitness levels will be significantly reduced

Again, these declines will be influenced by several factors. For example, someone who stops training and moving completely will experience a swifter decline than someone who stays relatively active outside the gym. And someone who quits training altogether will move backward while a person who just reduces training might be able to maintain fitness even if it isn’t improved further.

In addition, some research has found that well-trained people hold their fitness longer than those who don’t train for very long before dropping the healthy habit. You can read more about that here.

The bottom line: You shouldn’t feel panicked if you miss a few workouts. But if you want to preserve your fitness level, it would be a mistake to pass on training and activity for two to four weeks. The best plan of all: stay active for life and constantly work to improve your health and fitness in the gym.

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