July Programming Overview

Don’t blink, but we are already halfway through 2022!


As we wrap up our snatch complexes, this month will see us test our 1RM Hang Snatch and our 1RM Snatch. We will also be testing our 1RM Push Press, which will be utilized throughout the month in a percentage-based cycle.

Other focuses include:

  • Start of a Pause Front Squat Cycle
  • “Pump Complex” consisting of Pendlay Rows, Strict Pull-Ups, and Hammer Curls
  • High Skill Gymnastics Skill Sessions


Although all workouts are now named, this month will see some familiar faces as we re-test “DT,” “Cindy,” “Lungs,” “Helen,” “Grettel,” Junko,” “Ibtihaj,” “Alice,” and our yearly Fourth of July Workout, “Red, White, and Blue.”

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