MANAGE – July 29, 2022

There’s no wrong way to take care of your mental well-being and stress. There’s no wrong way to meditate.

If the word meditation turns you off, seems gooey or hippie-ish, think of meditate as simply giving your mind time to recover the same way you give your body recovery.

Set a timer for 2 minutes, slowly guide yourself through these steps:

– At the start, deliberately declare to yourself this time is for your mental well-being.
– Give yourself 120 seconds to just be. Notice the thoughts in your head, do some deep breathing, a body scan, or just listen to the sounds in the room.
– Just notice what you’re paying attention to right this second.
– When you get distracted or lost in thought, just come back to the present.
– At the end, a little pat on the back you’ve given your mind a chance to sort through some things and be a little more present.


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