MOVE – July 4, 2022

Why don’t we MOVE more? One of the top barriers limiting people from starting a fitness program doing more physical activity is TIME.

We all have 24 hours in a day, I checked.

Everyone has legitimate demands for their time. Family, work, sleep, taking care of kids, social time…etc.

So how can we find time for someone to exercise when they don’t have enough time to begin with? We challenge them!

If someone tells me they don’t have enough time to exercise I instantly want to know how they spend their allotted 24 hours. I also want to know what the most counter productive things to health and fitness they do during that time (TV, napping, video games, social media).

Your challenge… replace one of these counter productive habits for 30 minutes each day by replacing it with exercise! This doesn’t have to be in your gym. It can be outside walking, going for a run, doing yoga in the yard. Your challenge starts today to find time for more movement and share what habits you cut back, and what you gained in return!

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