Should You Do the Same Exercises Every Day? (Part 2 of 2)

How a Coach Can Help

First, you must get the right program in place to start, and it should be based on your exact health and fitness goals. Some people just take a routine from a magazine and do it over and over. Again, it’s great to get moving. But that routine won’t be perfect for you, and your needs will change

When we create programs, we find out exactly what people want to accomplish, and then we put an ideal plan together.

Then we monitor progress, and we evaluate daily, weekly and monthly results. Because we’re experts, we can tell when you’re ready for a new challenge that will ensure you’re always moving forward. Programs are constantly updated to ensure you’re training optimally

Beyond physical adaptation, there’s also something else to consider: boredom. By changing the program regularly, we’ll keep you interested and engaged

Running the same 3 km every day on the same path can grow stale, and sometimes boredom makes people quit activities.

But what if we had you do that 3 km on a more rugged trail that challenges your balance and strength with obstacles and climbs? Or what if we had you stop running every 500 m and perform 10 burpees?

A good coach is always working to make sure a client is moving toward goals as quickly as possible while staying motivated

Let’s Talk About Your Training Plan!

If you’re already active but feeling bored with your routine, we can energize you by setting some goals and adjusting your training plan. If you like your current routine but have stopped making progress, we can help you start moving forward again while maintaining some of the elements you enjoy.

And if you’re thinking about becoming active, we can make sure you start off on the right foot and continue moving forward for years

With a coach behind you, you’ll never hit a plateau or experience boredom. Instead, you’ll make steady progress toward your goals.

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