Workout – Friday, July 22

0:00 – 12:00 General Warm-Up (12 min)
12:00 – 17:00 Specific Warm-Up (5 min)
17:00 – 34:00 Skill/Strength (17 min)
34:00 -37:00  Pre-WOD Break/Prep (3 min)
37:00 – 52:00 WOD (15 min)
52:00 – 60:00 Accessory/Cool Down/Clean up (8 min)
Week three of our pause front squat cycle will see our athletes work through 4 sets of 2 at the heaviest loads yet. The three-second pause is priority number one, but encourage members to push the weight and see what kind of numbers they can hit today. After the front squats, we will re-test another one of our wonder woman workouts, “Ibtihaj,” in honor of Ibtihaj Muhammad, an entrepreneur, activist, speaker, and Olympic medalist in fencing. She was the first American woman to compete in the Olympics in a hijab. This workout is a sprint and should be approached the same way athletes would approach “Fran,” with the only difference in us subbing toes to bar in for the pull-ups. All sets should be completed in no more than three sets max.
Building strength through Powerlifting and Olympic lifting can help to boost our metabolic engine! Bodies with more muscle than fat will burn more calories throughout the day, even when we aren’t working out.

Any 21-15-9 workout should be tough! This one will be no different! 

Choose a Thruster weight and T2B variation that the athlete can complete for at least 8-10 reps at a time.
Lifting heavier weights can have enormous benefits for all athletes! Weightlifting makes us stronger, increases bone density, stimulates hormone production, and improves dynamic range of motion and core strength.

Any 21-15-9 workout should be tough! This one will be no different! 

Challenge your GF athletes to perform the movements in large chunks with as minimal rest between reps as possible.  

T2B can be scaled as needed but a challenging alternative should be chosen.
Big, multi-joint movements are the best way to increase strength and build muscle. Your body adapts to the stresses of lifting heavier weights by releasing the hormones needed to help you recover and grow while simultaneously revving up your metabolism to increase the number of calories you will need to consume post-workout.

Any 21-15-9 workout should be tough! This one will be no different! 

Full range of motion on all movements is encouraged!  

Athletes should try to establish a smooth, quick pace that will allow them to blast through as many reps as possible before setting the bar down or dropping off the pullup bar.

WARM UP: 00:00 – 17:00 (17 MINS)

8 Up-Downs
8 Push Press
8 Elbow Punches
8 Front Squats
8 Kip Swings
Review Pause Front Squat
1×5 w/Light-Moderate Load
1×3 w/ Moderate load

Skill/Strength: 17:00 – 34:00 (17 MINS)

Pause Front Squat
4×2 (w/ 3-sec pause in bottom)
Pause Goblet Squat
(4×8) w/ 3-sec pause in bottom

PRE-WOD BREAK/PREP: 34:00 – 37:00 (3 MINS)

WOD: 37:00 – 52:00 (15 MINS)

Thrusters (95/65lbs)(43/29kg)

“Remote Ibtihaj”
DB Thrusters


POST WOD: 52:00 – 60:00 (8 MINS)

1:00 Couch Stretch/Side
1:00 Thread the needle Stretch/Side

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