Workout – July 4, 2022

00:00 – 15:00 General Warm-Up (15 min)
15:00 – 30:00 Skill/Strength (15 min)
30:00 -33:00  Pre-WOD Break/Prep (3 min)
33:00 – 54:00 WOD (21 min)
54:00 – 60:00 Accessory/Cool Down/Clean up (6 min)
We will kick off the day with some back rack lunges in our strength portion today, with the overall goal being to build to a moderate-heavy weight that members can keep perfect form with. From there, we will clean up the barbells and work through a special 4th of July workout consisting of burpees and sit-ups with a cash-out row. Since the burpees are only four per round, we want these to be done as fast as possible for all members, knowing that the heart rate will come down slightly on the sit-ups. However, don’t underestimate the sit-ups, as the volume will sneak up on folks in the later round. Once through the 7 rounds, we want members to go full send on the rower as they race to the finish!
Weight loss athletes can benefit from the higher intensity demands of these workouts. That demand will help them learn to push their intensity limits resulting in the ability to do more work in future workouts that require less intensity.

Athletes can pick a pace that allows them to keep moving consistently through the Burpees and Sit-ups with minimal breaks. Good row technique will be essential to helping them move smoothly and efficiently through the Cash-Out Row.
Many General Fitness workouts fall squarely between the glycolytic and oxidative energy systems. The glycolytic system can only crank out the intensity for approximately three minutes, and the oxidative system isn’t ready to match the intensity. The result is muscular and respiratory discomfort. GF athletes should approach these workouts with the goal of achieving a 7-9/10 level of effort through the entire WOD.

GF athletes can find a sustainable pace that allows them to move quickly through the burpees and situps. Conscious breathing on the sit-ups should help to manage fatigue from the burpees.  

Big powerful pulls with good leg drive will help athletes to move quickly and efficiently through the row! Coaching row technique in warm up will go a long way to improving performance today!
GF workouts are a great way for the Increased Strength athlete to increase their stamina, build muscle mass to help them move more weight, and achieve a higher output in future workouts – a win/win!

IS athletes should aim to complete all reps with consistent tempo, full range of motion, and proper bracing. Quality reps for all movements!

This should be a brisk, sweaty one for all groups and some great conditioning for this group. 

Pacing should make this one feel like a 6-8/10 for the full duration!

WARM UP: 00:00 – 15:00 (15 MINS)

5 RDS of “Rowling” (200m)
RD 1 Penalty-Samson Lunges
RD 2 Penalty-Up-Downs
RD 3 Penalty-Reverse Lunges
RD 4 Penalty- Straight Leg Sit-Ups
RD 5 Penalty-Burpees

Skill/Strength: 15:00 – 30:00 (15 MINS)

Back Rack Reverse Lunges
3×12 (6/leg)
DB/KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges
3×12 (6/leg)

PRE-WOD BREAK/PREP: 30:00 – 33:00 (3 MINS)

WOD: 33:00 – 54:00 (21 MINS)

4 Burpees
17 Sit-Ups
Cash Out: 76 Cal Row 

4 Burpees
17 Sit-Ups
Cash Out: 76 Up-Downs


POST WOD: 54:00 – 60:00 (6 MINS)

N/A1:30 Alternating between Cobra and Child’s Pose
1:00 Pigeon Pose/Side

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