Workout – Thursday, July 21

0:00 – 13:00 General Warm-Up (13 min)
13:00 – 18:00 Specific Warm-Up (5 min)
18:00 – 36:00 Skill/Strength (18 min)
36:00 -39:00  Pre-WOD Break/Prep (3 min)
39:00 – 57:00 WOD (18 min)
57:00 – 60:00 Accessory/Cool Down/Clean up (3 min)
Today is week 2 of our strength superset that will combine Pendlay rows, strict pull-ups, and hammer curls. Ideally, we want members to be heavier on the rows and curls than last week, but if not, start moderate-heavy on the rows and hammer curls and build if possible. Any strict pull-up combination or scale will work as long as six total reps are accumulated. 

After the strength superset, we will re-test our wonder woman workout, “Junko” in honor of Junko Tabei preferred to be known as the 36th person to climb Everest, even though her achievements—who became the first woman to summit the world’s tallest peak and the first to climb the Seven Summits—called for more than just remarkable skill and fitness. Tabei faced virulent mid-20th century sexism, defying cultural expectations for women, who, at the time, and especially in her home country of Japan, were thought to be nothing more than homemakers.

Today’s workout is an ascending ladder consisting of pull-ups and calories on the rower. Members need to watch their pace early on and break up the pull-ups earlier than they think they need to, as the volume will build quickly. In general, the row should be done at a moderate pace and pull-ups in sets of 3-6+ reps throughout. (Last tested on 3/7/22).
Weight loss athletes can benefit from the higher intensity demands of these workouts. That demand will help them learn to push their intensity limits resulting in the ability to do more work in future workouts that require less intensity.

This one will escalate quickly!  

Choosing an appropriate pullup variation and being efficient on the row will be key to going as deep into this workout as possible.
Many General Fitness workouts fall squarely between the glycolytic and oxidative energy systems. The glycolytic system can only crank out the intensity for approximately three minutes, and the oxidative system isn’t ready to match the intensity. The result is muscular and respiratory discomfort. GF athletes should approach these workouts with the goal of achieving a 7-9/10 level of effort through the entire WOD.

This one will escalate quickly!  

Athletes should challenge themselves to perform the best possible version of pullups they can! 

Big powerful pulls on the row will help to manage effort and limit cardiovascular fatigue as the calorie count builds up.
GF workouts are a great way for the Increased Strength athlete to increase their stamina, build muscle mass to help them move more weight, and achieve a higher output in future workouts – a win/win!

IS athletes should aim to complete all reps with consistent tempo, full range of motion, and proper bracing. Quality reps for all movements!

This is an awesome chance for the IS athlete to get a ton of upper body pull reps in! Challenge them to perform as many strict reps as possible! 

Big powerful pulls on the row will help to manage effort and limit cardiovascular fatigue as the calorie count builds up.

WARM UP: 00:00 – 18:00 (18 MINS)

15/12 Calorie Row
10 Superman PVC Pass Throughs
10 Scap Pull-Ups
10 Banded Lat Pull Downs
Review Pendlay Row, Strict Pull-ups, and Hammer Curls

Skill/Strength: 18:00 – 36:00 (18 MINS)

“Pump Complex”
Every 2:30 x 5
5 Pendlay Rows
6 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Hammer Curls
Every 2:00 x 5
10 DB Bent Over Rows
10 Hammer Curls

PRE-WOD BREAK/PREP: 36:00 – 39:00 (3 MINS)

WOD: 39:00 – 57:00 (18 MINS)

2,4,6, Etc.

Calorie Row
“Remote Junko”
2,4,6, Etc.

DB Bent Over Rows

POST WOD: 57:00 – 60:00 (3 MINS)

1:00 Banded Lat Stretch/Side
1:00 Alternating Between Cobra/Down Dog

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