Workout – Tuesday, July 26

0:00 – 4:00 Brief (4 min)
4:00 – 15:00 General Warm-Up (11 min)
15:00 -18:00  Pre-WOD Break/Prep (3 min)
18:00 – 46:00 WOD (28 min)
46:00 – 60:00 Accessory/Cool Down/Clean up (14 min)
Many members might not realize how much our core and midline are used to control our breathing. Today’s workout will see us beat up the midline while fighting to keep the heart rate under control with today’s longer AMRAP. Overall, members should find a steady pace that they can hold throughout the 24 minutes. Sit-ups, hollow rocks, and up-downs should be split up as needed, keeping the rest short and sets consistent. On the bike, we are looking for members to really zone in on their pacing today with the goal of holding steady RPMs across every round. Post-workout we’ll finish off the day working through some posterior chain work in our finisher.
Athletes will want to maximize their time working with an elevated heart rate by finding a moderate but sustainable pace. Intensity level should challenge the athlete’s comfort zone, but it shouldn’t result in having to take long or frequent breaks!

Move, move, move!  

This longer AMRAP isn’t heavy but the reps scheme will have the reps adding up quickly! 

Have athletes set a pace that feels like a 5-6/10 that they will attempt to maintain through the full workout
General Fitness athletes should be elevating their heart rate to a moderately high level but not to the point that technique begins to deteriorate. A quick but sustainable pace is key for this group.

Encourage full range of motion and good movement quality on all reps.  

This isn’t a sprint but a longer sustained effort! Pace early and go faster in the second half if the athlete has gas left in the tank!
Strength athletes need conditioning too! Not only does moderate, sustained effort help to build a strong aerobic engine for longer WODs, it also helps them burn fat and boost calorie burn in a workout. Strength athletes can approach these sessions with heavier weight and moderate intensity. Rest periods are ok but they should be brief. The goal is to keep the aerobic stimulus for as much of the workout as possible.

This is a great cardio and core conditioning workout for the IS group! 

As with other groups, athletes should set a pace that feels like a 5-6/10.

WARM UP: 04:00 – 15:00 (11 MINS)

4 Rounds
:45 Easy Bike
:45 Hard Bike
8 Hollow Snaps
8 Superman Snaps

PRE-WOD BREAK/PREP: 15:00 – 18:00 (3 MINS)

WOD: 18:00 – 46:00 (28 MINS)

48 Sit-Ups
24 Cal Bike
48 Up-downs
24 Hollow Rocks
“Remote Mamba”
48 Sit-Ups
24 Jump Squats
48 Up-downs
24 Hollow Rocks

POST WOD: 46:00 – 60:00 (14 MINS)

POST WOD: 46:00 – 60:00 (14 MINS)COOLDOWN
4 Rounds for Quality
20 Banded Pull Throughs
20 (10/10) Single Leg Glute Bridges
2:00 Cooldown Pedal
1:30 Alternating Between Downdog and Cobra

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